Publi … what?!

Our name is pronounced as [puhb-lih-kyoo], a mash-up of “Publish”, “IQ” and “EQ”.

In other words, we are an Agency offering Smart Publishing Solutions with a human touch.


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The New Normal

  Click on the Video to find out more     Our Mission: Thinking the Unthinkable The New Normal is an antidote to the insidious habit of assuming that everything will by and large stay …

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When Queen Marie Antoinette was told about peasants’ lack of bread just before the French revolution, she reportedly suggested “Why don’t they eat cake?”  Nowadays, more adults are obese than underweight and obesity kills three …

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We’re hiring!

Are you a journalist with a knack for lateral thinking and solid exposition? Did you spot the giraffe hiding in the dots before all the other kids? Do the uncertainties of our times whet your appetite for exploration? Would you …

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The Evolution of Attention

Your reading this text means you’re giving us something that many crave: Attention. Attention is in high demand, and there isn’t much of it. Sixty percent (60%) of all iOS Apps and 4 million songs …

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Content crisis: Is there money to be made?

Few creative minds enjoy financial negotiations with their clients. For years the fees for journalists, photographers and other content creators have been falling due to cost-cutting by publishers. This has resulted in a race to …

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Glocalization: When Global becomes Local

Glocalization is an ugly term from the 80s, describing a trend which is about to get ugly. Until recently the “decentralization of globalization” carried many benefits, including the determent of a global homogeneous culture. Technological, …

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