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Are you a journalist with a knack for lateral thinking and solid exposition? Did you spot the giraffe hiding in the dots before all the other kids? Do the uncertainties of our times whet your appetite for exploration? Would you feel comfortable pitching your idea for a new story before an audience of potential readers? 

Welcome to the New Normal. Yes, we’re hiring. Well, sort of.

Content creators like authors, photographers, illustrators and video-editors are crucial to making this new medium a reality. That’s why we’re currently looking to establish a core team of talented writers that are ready to take on new assignments or to design their own.

Crowd funded: solid as a rock

Core component to the New Normal is that every edition we make has to be crowdfunded before we begin making it. The old model with a publishing house that hires and fires creatives is on the wane; not enough revenue from advertising, not enough subscriptions to survive on.

We’re flipping that script. The creative team at The New Normal is financed directly through a crowdfunding campaign.

What gets funded, gets made

The downside here is evident: you may at one time come up with a great idea for a story, but if our audience doesn’t care, it won’t get made. So yes, you’ll have to join us in a (minimal) effort to create a solid pitch that draws in the actual crowd.  The upside though… is a gift that keeps on giving.

For one: all the work you’ll actually do on TNN is guaranteed compensation. No more publishers pulling the plug on your work because they 1) suddenly suspect it might not jive with readers or 2) because the entire production has been cancelled. When an edition of TNN gets funded, it gets made. Period.

Secondly: Crowdfunding enables direct contact between crowd and creatives. Besides financially, backers will support creatives with their own know-how and suggest interesting themes. The model isn’t just fair; it results in better publications, of more interest to readers.

Thirdly: it increases independence and creative license. TNN aims to be ruthlessly independent: creatives are left completely free to create what they believe their audience needs to see – within the overall (self-designed) theme and (self-designed) analytical framework. This applies to writers, photographers, designers and video-editors – basically everybody in the team. This freedom is of course not just a blessing: it requires professionalism, originality and drive. We are not people waiting for instructions, but creators on a mission.


Yes but, no but, wait but…. what happens if a crowdfunding campaign isn’t successful? That’s a risk we’re simply willing to take. No harm done, it won’t hurt: work hadn’t started yet anyway. We’re going to be floating a multitude of pitches simultaneously, so there’s bound to be an initiative that does get funded where others fall short.

In other words, we minimise creative work until it has been financed by the crowd: the only thing we do in advance is prepare a pitch for our planned publication. The only difference with classical publishing is that you don’t pitch your idea to an employer or a publisher, but directly to your readers – the risk itself is equal.

Tell me more!

Would you like to know more about TNN Authors, send an e-mail to boris(at)newnormal.media.

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