Reference Projects

The New Normal

The New Normal is an antidote to the insidious habit of assuming that everything will by and large stay the same. By exploring future scenarios, we bring to light possibilities that many people normally ignore because they are frightening or seem weird. Every issue of the New Normal Magazine is dedicated to important topics like Inequality and Glocalization, and we verify whether these topics are interesting to our readers through Crowd Funding. Watch the video to find out more.


PubliQ Magazine

The PubliQ Magazine was published in Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Austria. The (German) content of each issue was Sourced from a Crowd of professional journalists and authors using our own eSalon¬†editorial system (see below). Crowd Sourcing is a very effective mechanism for exploring topics from many different angles, as you can see from our sample publication “The Origins of Life”. Click on the image below to read this publication in PDF.


Republic of Letters

The Republic of Letters was the long-distance intellectual community in Europe and America in the late 17th and 18th centuries (find out more on WikiPedia). Its members communicated through Postal Services and their discussions helped shape the Age of Enlightenment, but the Republic is best known for its Salons. The Republic of Letters has inspired us to develop a web-based editorial system called the eSalon: find out more about this platform by clicking on the image below.