The Company


As our company name suggests, we’ve specialized in Smart Publishing. Since we are Publishers ourselves and put every Solution to the test ourselves, we know that what we have on offer helps our clients further. We know about the challenges and benefits of Crowd Publishing.

We believe that the market has outgrown the classic “we publish, you read” principle: readers know what they find interesting, have access to relevant information, and are increasingly critical about the editorial process. That’s why we believe that there is no way around Crowds in publishing. Crowd Funding ensures that only those topics that people find interesting, are actually published – titles that too few people find interesting simply don’t get funded and therefore aren’t published. This saves publishers the effort and frustration of writing and marketing such a title. Once a Crowd has funded a publication, it has a stake in it: that’s where Crowd Sourcing comes in. Crowds are good in checking and improving on the quality of content, and this interactive process increases transparency and therefore credibility. Managing quality and building credibility are publishers’ core business.

Crowd Publishing is the combination of Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding. Even though hundreds of publications have been successfully funded on Kickstarter alone, very few projects actually include their crowds in production. Crowd Sourcing is the basis of projects like Wikipedia, which prove that Crowds add value in the publishing process. Combining the two in Crowd Publishing is a relatively new business model, so publishers have very few examples to study and a limited number of experts to support them. That’s where our Agency and Publishing House comes in. Contact us today to find out more in a personal conversation!